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Our office staff have many tools at their disposal to get you ready for your eye examination with Dr. Gosnell.

Visionix- This computer gives us an estimation of your prescription and measures the thickness and curvature of your cornea. You will look into the computer and an image will go in and out of focus until the computer has all of the data it needs to give us the results. This provides Dr. Gosnell a starting point for you eye exam.

Eidon Retinal Scanner - This computer will take a picture of the back of your eye.  It provides Dr. Gosnell with a wide field view allowing him to see the far periphery of the retina without dilation.  Once the picture is taken Dr. Gosnell will go over it with you in the exam room. We take yearly pictures to track and evaluate any changes.

Optical Coherence Tomography - This computer is the newest way to evaluate an eye for disease. You will look into the computer at an image and the computer will take scans of your eye. It scans your eye with light, similar to how an ultrasound scans with sound waves. It is fast and painless, with no bright flashes, and no air blown into your eye. Dr. Gosnell will go over the results with you after the test is done.

ICare Tonometer - This hand held tonometer can take your pressures without a puff of air or any numbing drops! It is a more convenient way to check your eye pressure quickly and painless!

Visual Field - This computer is a way to predict and track Glaucoma. You will look into this computer one eye at a time. As lights flash in your periphery you will press a button as you see them flash. After the test is done, your results will be given immediately to Dr. Gosnell for him to go over your results with you.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My daughter has been going here for a few years. Always very friendly staff, always quick service. They are good at explaining everything they are doing directly to my daughter. When it is time for new glasses, they are always very quick..."
    Heather Richardson
  • "All the staff is very friendly and helpful. Explained everything they were doing!"
    Mel Mcbroom

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